Are you kidding me?

Just a quick note. Just received my first chemo/immuno therapy statement. Now keep in mind this actually only covers the immuno therapy and the pre-meds since the taxol immediately sent me to the ER so I didnt even get the taxol or the carboplatin that day. $125,000. Are you freakin kidding me? $125,000? Yes, insurance covered $123,000+ so I only owe $1332, but still, $125,000?. 

anyone else receiving immuno therapy? Is this for real? I'm assuming it's legit since they show the insurance covering most of it, haven't received an EOB yet, but really? $125,000???.

unreal. Thought at first it might be cumulative, but it only shows May 14th, my 1st infudtion date, and doesn't include any Carboplatin or Abraxane, which is what they replaced the Taxol with. 

well I only have 1 more infusion and then they'll do another PET to see if it's still spreading. I've also got my next brain MRI scheduled, so fingers crossed for that. The one in February was clean so hopefully this one will be too. 

Had a CTA last month due my extreme shortness of breath. Wanted to ne sure there was t a clot. Good news, good news, and some not so good news. No clot, good, both tumors in the lungs has shrunk significantly, good, but it showed more abnormalities in my T4, T6, and T7, suspicious for metastatic disease, so I guess they'll be checking that out. Just found out about that on Wednesday. 

hoping the shrunken tumors in the lungs is a good sign for the rest of the tumors. 

I'll keep you posted.

Helen Marshall, Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
Thomas sent you a prayer.
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Sadly I am not surprised by the cost of this treatment, it is increasingly the case in the US that the various medical providers, especially the pharmaceuticals, charge in the stratosphere. Glad you have good insurance, imagine if you didn't!
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Damn money-hungry medical providers disgust me .. heartbreaking to think of those who have died simply because they couldn't afford treatment. All paws and fingers crossed the treatment continues working for you and blasts any nasties into oblivion. Hugs xx
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Even with insurance it's still painful. I'm paying as much as your treatment just to pay for my Brain MRI. But yes, the price is obscene, I know it was over $65K for treatment 10 years ago. I pray that your shrinkage will continue.
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I’m sure it’s exactly that. My first PET scan was $11,000.00 charged to my insurance and I had one annually for 5 years following that. This stuffs expensive but you are worth every penny. I’m just sorry you need to pay anything at all towards it. How are you feeling otherwise though? I liked reading this because the face my that you have concern and amazement over pharmaceuticals tells me you are going ok👍🏻🤟🏼. 😘 and hugs too.
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