Some good nees

Had my brain MRI a couple weeks ago, and all is well there. That was a relief. Then I had my 1st PET scan since I started treatment in May and most everything shows as "resolved", which my oncologists NP says means it's gone. The vertebre, the femur, the adrenal glands, the sternum, all resolved. All that's left are the tumors in the lungs, and they've shrunk the 1/2 or less of what they were. 

they're taking me off chemo and now it's just immune therapy plus Avastin. Feeling better already. 

thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers. They really do work. 

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I’m so happy to hear your news! You’ve responded very well, some people do and I’m glad you are one of them. Now go celebrate! These days a celebration for me involves ordering a pizza with the works or going for an ice cream, lol (or popping an extra Valium 🤣; hey, I don’t drink and don’t much care for weed so I gotta have some fun🤣). Blessings to you.🙏🏻🤟🏼😘
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Did exactly that Marcia, finished off a Dreyers Double Fudge Brownie in 3 days, and had a meat lovers pizza from Barro’s last night. :)
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Great news! So happy for you. Big hugs! :*)
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Thank you
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So happy for you!!! Hugs!
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What wonderful news! Catch a hug from me! xoxo
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Got it, thanks
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